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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soal Ulangan Harian Kelas 1 Tema Things in the living room

Competency Test
Name    : __________________                             
Class      : __________________
Date      : __________________
A.      Choose the correct answer!
1.       What is this? It is a ...
          a. Clock                 b. Picture             c. Sofa
2.       What is that? That is a ...
          a. Armchair         b. Table                                c. Television
3.       What is this? This is a ...
4.       It is a telephone.
a.                            b.                           c.
5.       It is a curtain.
a.                     b.                           c.
6.       Arrange these letters!
S – V – A – E
a.       Vaes                      b. Vase                                 c. Vesa
7.       Arrange these letters!
B – E – A – T – L – E
a.       Table                     b. Table                                                c. Batle

8.       Fill in the missing letter!
a.       R                                             b. L                         c. S
9.       It is a ...
       a. Picture             b. Clock                                c. Vase
10.   It is a ...
      a. Carpet              b. Fan                    c. Curtain

B.      Match it!
1.       Picture
2.       Curtain
3.       Table
4.       Telephone
5.       Television
6.       Carpet
7.       Fan
8.       Armchair
9.       Clock
10.   Sofa
a.       Kursi busa
b.      Kipas angin
c.       Pot bunga
d.      Lukisan
e.      Meja
f.        Jam dinding
g.       Telepon
h.      Gorden
i.         Karpet
j.        Kursi lengan

Do your best!!!

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